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F-8 Crusader

Manufacturer Chance-Vought Aircraft, Inc.
Type Carrier-based fighter
Crew1 Pilot
Powerplant Pratt & Whitney J-57-P-4A with afterburner
Wingspan 35' 8"
Wing Area 375 sq ft
Length 54' 3"
Height 15 ft 9 in
Tread 9 ft 8 in
Weight Empty 16,483 lbs
Basic 17,673 lbs
Design 23,192 lbs
Maximum Combat 24,475 lbs
Maximum Takeoff 27,938 lbs (catapult)
Maximum Landing 22,000 lbs (arrested)
Speed Mach 1.5+
Range 600 miles tactical
1,195-1,295 nautical miles Combat Range
  • Four 20-mm aircraft guns front fuselage and 500 rounds.
  • Thirty-two 2.75-inch rockets carried internally or in rocket pack, centerline fuselage or
  • two AIM-9 missiles externally on pylon each side of fuselage.

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