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CV-7 / C-8A Buffalo / DHC-5

Country of Origin Canada (DHC-5, CC-115)
Similar Aircraft C-7A Caribou
Role STOL transport, cargo (41 troops, 1/4-ton vehicles, and freight)
Armament Usually none
Length 79 ft (24.08 m)
Span 96 ft (29.26 m)
Wing area 945 sq. ft.
Height 28 ft. 7 in.
Weights Empty, 22,400 lbs.
Gross, 38,000 lbs.
Power Plant Two General Electric T64-10 turbine engines @ 2,850-ESHP (Equivalent Shaft Horsepower) at take-off.
Crew Three
Accommodation 41 fully equipped troops or 35 paratroopers
USER COUNTRIES Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Mauritania, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, United Arab Emirates, USA, Zaire, Zambia.

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