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C-130 Hercules

The RC-130 was configured for photo reconnaissance; the DC-130 launched and controlled drone targets for air defense weapons practice; the GC-130 was a drone director for research purposes; and the JC-130 recovered satellite capsules; the C-130D was fitted with skis and takeoff rockets for use in Antarctica. The HC-130 has been used for search and rescue, weather reconnaissance, recovering Discoverer capsules and NASA manned space flight modules. The HC-130 has also been used by special operations as a helicopter aerial refueler. Also, the C-130 was adapted for fire fighting and delivered 30,000 pounds of liquid fire suppressants over 30,000 square feet of forest in only 10 seconds.

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C-130A Variants

C-130 A-Models Variants

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C-130B Variants

C-130 B-Models Variants

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C-130E Variants

C-130 E-Models Variants

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C-130H Variants

C-130 H-Models Variants

A C-130A AC-130A DC-130A RC-130A
B C-130B HC-130B KC-130B C-130BL RC-130B WC-130B
D C-130D
E C-130E AC-130E DC-130E EC-130E HC-130E MC-130E WC-130E
F C-130F KC-130F LC-130F
G C-130G EC-130G
H C-130H AC-130H DC-130H EC-130H HC-130H KC-130H LC-130H MC-130H TC-130H WC-130H
J C-130J EC-130J KC-130J WC-130J
K C-130K
M C-130M
N HC-130N
P HC-130P MC-130P
Q EC-130Q
R KC-130R LC-130R
S RC-130S
T C-130T KC-130T
U AC-130U
V EC-130V
W MC-130W
AC - Gunship
DC - Drone Controller
EC - Electronic Warfare
HC - Search and Rescue
KC - Aerial Tanker
LC - Arctic and Anarctic Support
MC - Special Operations
RC - Reconnaissance
TC - Trainer
WC - Weather Reconnaissance

C-130 Missions and Variants

Missions Specialized Variant(s)
Aerial Tanker KC-130B, KC-130F, KC-130H, HC-130H(N), HC-130N, HC-130P, KC-130R, KC-130T
Airborne Hospital C-130E (AEH)
Arctic and Anarctic Support C-130BL/LC-130F, C-130D, LC-130H, LC-130R
Command and Control EC-130E (ABCCC), EC-130G, EC-130Q, EC-130J
Drone Control GC-130A/DC-130A, DC-130E, DC-130H
Electronic Warfare EC-130E (CL), EC-130E (RR), EC-130H
Gunship AC-130A, AC-130E, AC-130H, AC-130U
Humanitarian Relief All
Maritime Patrol C-130H-NP/PC-130H/EC-130V
Reconnaissance RC-130A, RC-130B
Search and Rescue SC-130B/HC-130B, HC-130E, HA-130H, HC-130H(N), HC-130N, HC-130P
Space and Missile Operations JC-130A, JC-130B, NC-130H
Special Operations MC-130E, MC-130H, MC-130W
Staff/VIP Transport VC-130B, VC-130H
Tactical Airlift All
Test and Evaluation NC-130A, NC-130B, JC-130E, NC-130E, JC-130H, RC-130S
Trainer TC-130H
Weather Reconnaissance WC-130B, WC-130E, WC-130H, WC-130J

Model First Delivery Last Delivery
C-130A 1956 November 1959
C-130B 1959 March 1963
C-130E 1962 March 1974
C-130H 1964 In Production
L-100 1964 Dec 1968
L-100-20 1968 March 1981
L-100-30 1970 In Production
C-130H-2 1978 1992
C-130H-30 1980 1997
C-130H-3 1992 1997
C-130J 1996 In Production

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