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C-130H Hercules Specifications

Primary Function Intratheater airlift.
Contractor Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company.
Power Plant Four Allison T56-A-15 turboprops; 4,300 horsepower, each engine.
Length 97 feet, 9 inches (29.3 meters).
Height 38 feet, 3 inches (11.4 meters).
Wingspan 132 feet, 7 inches (39.7 meters).
Speed 374 mph (Mach 0.57) at 20,000 feet (6,060 meters).
Ceiling 33,000 feet (10,000 meters) with 100,000 pounds (45,000 kilograms) payload.
Maximum Takeoff Weight 155,000 pounds (69,750 kilograms).
Operating Weight: 83,000 Pounds
Maximum Useable Fuel: 60,000 Pounds
Maximum Allowable Cabin Load: 36,000 Pounds
Normal Passenger Seats Available: Up to 92 troops or 64 paratroops or 74 litter patients.
Maximum Number of Pallets: 5
Range 2,356 miles (2,049 nautical miles) with maximum payload;
2,500 miles (2,174 nautical miles) with 25,000 pounds (11,250 kilograms) cargo;
5,200 miles (4,522 nautical miles) with no cargo.
Unit Cost $22.9 million (1992 dollars).
Crew Five (two pilots, a navigator, flight engineer and loadmaster); up to 92 troops or 64 paratroops or 74 litter patients or five standard freight pallets.
Minimum Crew Complement Four
(two pilots, one flight engineer, and one loadmaster)
Allows for a 16 hour crew duty day (12 hour for airdrop crews) (from show at the aircraft to parking at the final destination).
Crew Complement
[airdrop missions]
crews will normally carry one navigator as well and an extra loadmaster in addition to the minimum crew complement.
Augmented Crew Complement Nine
(three pilots, two navigators, two flight engineers, and two loadmasters)
Allows for a 18 hour crew duty day (from show at the aircraft to parking at the final destination)
Date Deployed April 1955.
Inventory Active force, 98; ANG, 20 Bs, 60 E's and 93 H's; Reserve, 606.


Wing Span:



Horizontal Stabilizer:

132 feet 7 inches

97 feet 9 inches

38 feet 5 inches

52 feet 8 inches

Typical C-130 Cargo Dimensions:

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