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Warsteed is an annual combat training exercises providing 2nd Infantry Division battalions and brigades a learning experience similar to what other army units obtain at the National Training Center, Joint Readiness Training Center and Combat Maneuver Training Center. This exercise is externally evaluated to validate a unit's yearly training plan and establish focus for future training.

Brigade/Battalion Battle Simulation Semi-Automated Forces (BBSSAF), a constructive/virtual linkage between the Brigade/Battalion Battle Simulation (BBS) and DIS, was developed as part of the U.S. Army's Synthetic Theater Of War (STOW) [STOW-A] program. Its roots extend back to the BBS/DIS/SIMNET linkage developed for STOW-E, and is an improved version of the BBS/DIS linkage demonstrated at Prairie Warrior 95. The system uses a version of BBS modified to provide information to the linkage, a farm of ModSAF backends that simulate BBS units in contact with virtual entities, and a new program called the OPSIN that coverts BBS units and operational orders into ModSAF PO database objects, and DIS data into inputs for the BBS system. When combined with the existing SIMNET simulators, and application gateways, and cell adapter units also developed for STOW-A, BBSSAF allows for multi-echelon training exercises where the audience extends from individual vehicle crew to the brigade commander.

The combined STOW-A system, including BBSSAF, was used in STOWEX 96, a training exercise for the U.S. 1st Infantry Division, and WARSTEED 97, a training exercise for the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division stationed in South Korea. For WARSTEED 97 the 2 ID exercise planners opted to use the STOW-A hub site recently installed at the Warrior Training Center, Camp Casey, Korea for a portion of the exercise. The participating combat unit for WARSTEED 97 was the First Brigade Combat Team (BCT) of the 2ID. The brigade conducted the exercise with three balanced task forces, one in BBS, one in SIMNET, and one Live. For the 2ID the STOW-A environment allows for a single training event to train multiple elements within a brigade. Future STOW exercises might include a portion of the exercise conducted in a standalone or decoupled mode followed by a task force or brigade level STOWEX. The environment will also allow for task force training independent of WARSTEED. Bottom line is the 2ID now has a flexible multi-echelon training tool.

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