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War Plan Green

The theatre of war will include the Republic of Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean bordering on Mexico, and the U.S. and Mexican border. The theatre of operations at the beginning of the war will consist of the U.S. and Mexican border, the Mexican ports occupied or blockaded by the Navy, and the territory occupied by the U.S. Expeditionary forces during their invasion. Eventually, the entire Republic of Mexico will be included in active operations looking to pacification and suppression of guerilla warfare. Forces required include the Regular Army and the National Guard, when called into the Service, and such members of the Organized Reserves as may be called to the services for an emergency. Forces would also include such units of the Navy as were considered sufficient to carry out the Navy Department's objectives,

The nationa1 objectives - po1itica1 , economic, military - were to conduct a military and naval intervention in Mexico for the establishment of law and order from both an international and internal viewpoint. This involves a pacification of the country, the reorganization of the government and the modification of the laws of the country to insure the establishment of the rights of foreiqners in Mexico.

The General Concept of Operations called for a naval blockade and immediate seizure of Mexican ports, along with the closure of the northern border by the Army. This would be followed by an invasion by the Army, of Mexico. The Army would occupy all or that portion of Mexico necessary to suppress querilla warfare and bandit operations.

The First Phase would consist of the establishment, by the Navy, of a blockade and the capture by the Navy of Mazatlan, Manzanillo. Salina Cruz, Puerta Mexico, the Tampico-Tuxpam area. This phase also called for closure of northern t:crco'- by the Army and concentrate the expeditionary forces.

In the Second Phase, an Army Expeditionary Force would relieve the Navy at Mazatlan and in the Tampico-Tuxpam area. An Army Expeditionarv Force would advance into the Monterey-Saltillo Area. An Army Expeditionary Force aided by the Navy would occuov Vera Cruz. This plan called for a total of four phases.

President Wilson, on 20 April 1914 laid the matter before Congress, which subsequently "Resolved, That the President is justified in the employment of the armed forces of the United States to enforce his demand for unequivocal amends for affronts and indignities committed against the United States. Be it further Resolved, That the United States disclaim any hostility to the Mexican people or any purpose to make war upon them."

The Mexican Service Medal was awarded for service in any of the following expeditions or engagements:

  1. Vera Cruz Expedition between 24 Apr 1914 and 26 Nov 1914.
  2. Punitive Expedition between 14 Mar 1916 and 7 Feb 1917.
  3. Buena Vista, Mexico on 1 Dec 1917.
  4. San Bernardino Canon, Mexico on 26 Dec 1917.
  5. Le Grulla, Texas on 8 and 9 Jan 1918.
  6. Pilares, Mexico on 28 Mar 1918.
  7. Nogales, Arizona during 1-5 Nov 1915 or 27 Aug 1918.
  8. El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico on 15 and 16 Jun 1919.
  9. Any action against hostile Mexicans in which US troops were killed or wounded between 12 Apr 1911 and 7 Feb 1917.
The Mexican Border Service Medal was awarded for service on the Mexican border between May 9, 1916 and March 24, 1917 or with the Mexican Border Patrol between January 1, 1916 and April 6, 1917. It was authorized for persons not eligible for the Mexican Service Medal.

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