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US Military Movements

    Deployment Reports - 2006

    Deployment Reports - 2005

  • U.S. TO DEPLOY BOMBER SQUADRON IN GUAM: JAPANESE TV CNA 01 Jun 2005 -- The United States will deploy a bomber squadron in Guam to cope with contingencies or crises in the Asia-Pacific region, Japan's public television station NHK reported Wednesday.
  • Bigger bombing range planned for islet near Guam By Lisa Burgess Stars and Stripes May 1, 2005 -- The U.S. military has leased the range, located on the uninhabited 200-acre island, since 1976, with the agreement set to expire in 2075, according to GlobalSecurity.Org, a Web site devoted to military analysis.
  • Airmen help improve B-2 aircraft maintenance in Guam AFPN 08 Apr 2005 -- Airmen from the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., are helping improve aircraft maintenance for future rotations of B-2 Spirit bombers worldwide during a deployment here.
  • First B-2s deploy to Andersen AFPN 04 Mar 2005 -- B-2 Spirit bombers have deployed here for the first time to support Pacific Command's security efforts in the Western Pacific.

    Deployment Reports - 2004

  • On June 21, Holloman AFB officials announced that elements of the 49th Fighter Wing, with an unspecified number of F-117A aircraft would be deployed to the Western Pacific region, most likely Guam, for an unspecified length of time.
  • USS Coronado Deploys to Western Pacific Navy Newsstand 02 Mar 2004 -- The command ship USS Coronado (AGF 11) will deploy March 5 from San Diego to the Western Pacific. Coronado will provide a command platform for the Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet staff and serve as a temporary replacement for USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) while it undergoes a maintenance period. Blue Ridge is currently forward deployed in Yokosuka, Japan.
  • Bombers Arrive at Andersen PACAF News 22 Feb 2004-- The first three B-52 Stratofortress bombers from Minot AFB, N.D., arrived here Sunday under overcast skies. A total of six bombers from the 5th Bomb Wing will make Andersen their new home for an undetermined amount of time at the request of the U.S. Pacific Command.
  • US Warships to Visit China Associated Press 18 Feb 2004 (By way of Taiwan Security Research)-- The USS Blue Ridge and elements of the Kitty Hawk Carrier Strike Group will make port calls in China in February and early March 2004.
  • PENTAGON/PACIFIC VOA 03 Feb 2004 -- The Pentagon has ordered a group of U-S Air Force bombers to Guam in what is termed a routine deployment to the Western Pacific

    Deployment Reports - 2003

    Deployment Reports - 2002

    Deployment Reports - 2001

  • Pentagon Orders 3 US Warships in South China Sea to Move out, People's Daily, 03 April 2001 -- The United States has ordered three warships in the South China Sea region to move out of the area and proceed on duties as assigned, a Pentagon spokesman said Monday, according to a CCTV report.
  • U.S. Navy Reportedly Planning To Deploy Submarines In Guam, CNA, 11 February 2001 -- The Washington Times has reported that the U.S. Pentagon has been gradually making moves to increase its military force in locations near mainland China in order to be better prepared in case military conflict were to break out in the Taiwan Strait.

    Deployment Reports - 2000

  • ROC, US officials mum on carrier movements United Daily News - February 25, 2000 -- The ROC Ministry of National Defense declined to respond to reports that the USS Kitty Hawk carrier squadron has left its home port in Japan to patrol the Taiwan Strait area. USS John C. Stennis - which recently visited Hong Kong and is now headed toward the Indian Ocean - should be observed to see if the carrier group circles back toward Taiwan.
  • Kitty Hawk Sailors undergo sea trials NAVY WIRE SERVICE (NWS) - February 24, 2000 - USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) returned to sea the morning of Feb. 23 for 12 days of sea trials. Kitty Hawk's last major deployment, which included an unscheduled three-month trip to the Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Southern Watch, ended as the ship pulled in to Yokosuka late last August.
  • SAILING OF USS KITTY HAWK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEIJING'S WHITE PAPER [CNA Taiwan] 24 February 2000 -- The sailing of the American aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk out of its home port of Yokosuka is to carry out a scheduled military drill and has nothing to do with Taiwan's presidential election or Beijing's white paper on the Taiwan issue.
  • US AIRCRAFT CARRIER MONITORING TAIWAN SITUATION, SAYS JAPANESE TV [CNA Taiwan] 23 February 2000 -- Fuji TV said that the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk may be dispatched to waters close to Taiwan if the situation across the Taiwan Strait becomes tense before or after Taiwan's March 18 presidential election.
  • US carrier fleet avoids Taiwan Strait United Daily News February 9, 2000 -- According to Admiral Hoewing, the current stop in Hong Kong is unrelated to Taiwan's presidential elections. The U.S. Navy is maintaining a low profile during the visit in an effort to avoid provoking Beijing. The fleet's route to Hong Kong avoided the Taiwan Strait.

    Deployment Reports - 1999

  • DoD News Briefing, August 12, 1999 -- There was a passing exercise in that two carriers -- the KITTY HAWK returning from the Gulf; and the CONSTELLATION on the way to the Gulf -- passed somewhere around Singapore and they carried out what's called a PASEX or passing exercise. In fact, there were two battle groups that passed. This happened last week on the 7th.
  • DoD News Briefing - Presenter: Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen Tuesday, July 20, 1999 -- We have a normal rotation of forces in the region, but we don't contemplate any additional forces at this time.

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