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Operation Wolverine Feast

January 24, 2007

Coalition and Iraqi Army soldiers detained 10 suspects and seized four caches in the Al-Doura district as part of Operation Wolverine Feast on Jan. 24, 2007.

Company C, 1st Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division and 3rd Battalion, 4th Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division were alerted and cordoned off the target area. They then conducted a systematic clearance of the area.

In the first objective they captured one wanted man with an 82mm mortar system, two AK-47 assault rifles, a 9mm pistol and two hand grenades. A sweep of a second targeted area uncovered six men with 10 120mm mortar rounds.

The third cache found contained a 60mm mortar system and various rocket-propelled grenade launchers and RPG rounds. Three men were detained at this location. The last cache contained several RPG rockets and accelerators.The ten suspects detained in the operation are being held for further questioning.