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Operation Wadi Aljundi (Koa Canyon)

January 15 - January 27, 2006

Iraqi Army soldiers and U.S. Marines finished Operation Wadi Aljundi (Koa Canyon) along the Western Euphrates River Valley Jan. 27 after reportedly finding and destroying 45 weapons caches and detaining 20 suspected insurgents during the operation.

The cordon-and-knock operation began Jan. 15 north of Hit along the Euphrates River in an effort to disrupt insurgent activity and to root out their weapons stores. No Iraqi or Coalition forces were said to have been injured during the operation, although the force did apparently uncover several improvised explosive devices along the way.

Officials said that Iraqi soldiers and Coalition forces worked well together.

Elements of 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 7th Iraqi Infantry Division and reinforced infantry battalion along with MEU Service Support Group 22 worked together in Operation Wadi Aljundi.

According to military reports, from village to village, the force located and destroyed thousands of discovered artillery shells, mortars rounds and other rockets. Complete mortar systems were found, in addition to the numerous automatic weapons and nearly 11,000 rounds of small and large caliber ammunition. Hundreds of pounds of explosives were also uncovered and destroyed. One of the sites uncovered was a small building that was being used as an IED-making facility. More than 250 IED components and various explosives were found at the shack, which was subsequently destroyed.