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Operation Three Swords

January 23, 2007

Iraqi Police and Marines completed Operation Three Swords in an area south of Fallujah. The purpose of the operation was to detain members of murder and intimidation cells within the rural area of Zaidon and the villages of Albu Hawa, Fuhaylat and Hasa. It was led by the Iraqi Police with support from the Marines of Regimental Combat Team 6 and Marines and Soldiers of I Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) Headquarters Group.

During the operation, members of the Fallujah Police Department and Coalition Forces discovered a torture house and rescued three individuals. Two of the hostages were transported and treated at Camp Fallujah. The third hostage was transported by helicopter to Camp Taqqadum for further treatment. Torture devices were found and confiscated. The house was demolished by Coalition Forces in order to remove the reminder of such violence from the landscape.

Additionally, Coalition Forces uncovered numerous weapons caches during the operation. Among the caches, two 14.5 mm anti-aircraft guns, high explosive mortar sights, rocket propelled grenade related materials, a sniper rifle with scope and four assault rifles. Two vehicles were also discovered in which one was rigged as a car bomb and the other with an anti-aircraft gun mounted. The explosives were destroyed on scene by Coalition Forces and the weapons were returned to Camp Fallujah.