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Operation Sword
Operation Saif

June 28, 2005 - July 6, 2005

Operation Sword, or Saif in Arabic, was the strategic successor to Operation Spear in an attempt to further secure the Al Anbar province and root out the contingents of the insurgency harbored there. Whereas Operation Spear was conducted in the city of Karabilah, Operation Sword was launched to pursue and neutralize terrorists and foreign fighters located on the Euphrates River between the cities of Haditha and Hit. Operation Sword forces consisted of an Iraqi Security Force infantry company of 100 soldiers integrated by platoons and approximately 1,000 Marines, sailors and soldiers from Regimental Combat Team-2.

The forces conducted searches and only encountered sporadic resistance. No major combat or air strikes were required and neither the Iraqi or American forces suffered any casualties. The Operation concluded on July 7, however, the combined forces remained to conduct patrols and other security operations.