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Operation Scales of Justice

March 12 - ?, 2006

Coalition and Iraqi security forces totalling 3,700 troops were repositioned to Baghdad from less volatile parts of Iraq as part of Operation Scales of Justice. The massive operation intends to secure the area around Baghdad while a national unity government is formed. Once the government is formed and considered secure, MNF-I plans to reassign soldiers elsewhere. Additionally, MNF-I sought to increase security around Baghdad during the Shia observance of the holiday of Arbaeen.

The forces include one battalion task force from the 2nd Brigade, 1st Armored Division -- part of U.S. Central Command's "call forward force" in Kuwait. This "call forward force" will be augmented by two Iraqi Army battalions, three Iraqi National Police battalions, and three Coalition battalions. After its mission is completed, the "call forward force" will return to Kuwait.

As of May 14, according to MNF-I, approximately 800 suspected insurgents had been detained and 140 weapons caches discovered and cleared as part of the operation. As of May 4, according to MNF-I, patrols inside Baghdad averaged 1,110 per day.