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Operation Rock Bottom

November 24, 2004 -

1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, began Operation Rock Bottom, a three-day multi-national force operation starting Nov. 19 and ending Nov. 21, to clear its area of insurgents. Task Force Mustangs was augmented with the brigade reconnaissance team (BRT) from the 1st Cavalry Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team, a weapon's company from 2-24 Marines, engineer assets from the division, a ground penetrating radar team comprised of U.S., British, and Australian Soldiers and a company of Iraqi National Guard.

For three days and nights, the task force searched areas where rockets have been fired. They placed a complex obstacle on a road that is known to have heavy weapons trafficking. Every house and farm was searched. The BRT provided a screen on the flank, as the mortars conducted registration, ensuring their ability to have responsive fires. The searches netted numerous small arms, 10 detainees and three rockets.

The inclusion of Marines was meant to demonstrate to insurgents that the perceived "buffer zone" between the Marine Corps and Army's sector is not safe haven for them.

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