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Operation Rams

Decemebr 4 - December 7, 2005

Approximately 100 Iraqi Army Soldiers from 3rd Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 1st Iraqi Division and 400 Soldiers from the 2/28 Brigade Combat Team, launched Operation Rams (Tallie) in Ramadi on Dec. 4, 2005.

Operation Rams was the sixth in a series of disruption operations conducted by the Iraqi Army and Coalition Forces in order to neutralize the insurgency and set the conditions for the Dec.15, 2005 election in the Al Anbar provincial capital city of Ar Ramadi.

As a result of operations in the winter of 2005, insurgent attacks against Iraqi civilians and both Iraqi and U.S. Forces in the Ramadi were said to have decreased. The operations targeted areas where semi-autonomous, al Qaeda in Iraq-led insurgent cells are known to operate. The operations have resulted in the detention of dozens of insurgent cell members and the discovery and subsequent destruction of multiple weapons caches. Unlike recent combat operations in the formerly-held terrorist strongholds of Western Al Anbar, Iraqi and U.S. Forces were reportedly met with limited and uncoordinated resistance in Ramadi.

Forces discovered four weapons caches and four improvised explosive devices during this operation. One of the caches was significant in size and contained the following items: dozens of mortar rounds, approximately 100 rocket propelled grenades and RPG launchers, approximately 150 hand grenades, anti-armor missiles and rockets, a rocket launcher, dozens of small arms weapons and AK-47s, plastic explosives, bomb-making material and body armor.

Operation Tallie (Rams) wrapped up in Ramadi Dec. 7, 2005. Altogether, Iraqi and Coalition Forces seized and destroyed 13 weapons caches and a total of six improvised explosive devices. Two of the caches were significant in size and a 1,000 pound bomb was discovered and detonated by explosive ordnance disposal technicians.

Iraqi and Coalition Forces also detained eight suspected al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists during the operation. The detainees are currently being held for questioning.

There were no reports of civilians, Iraqi Army Soldiers or U.S. Forces injured or killed as a result of the operation.