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Operation Raging Bull

March, 2006

In Operation Raging Bull, Iraqi soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 7th Iraqi Army Division conducted a day-long, fully independent counterinsurgency operation in the towns of Albu Hayatt and Khaffajiah to disrupt insurgent activity and to search for weapons caches.

The Iraqi-led operation was said to be the first, fully-independent Iraqi Army-led mission in the "Triad" region of Haditha, Haqliniyah, and Barwanah off the Euphrates River in western Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

Officials said that Iraqi soldiers planned, rehearsed, and executed the mission entirely on their own. A Military Transition Team (MTT) - a group of Coalition servicemembers assigned to logistically assist and guide each Iraqi military unit's transition to independent operations - accompanied the Iraqi soldiers to advise them during the operation.