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Operation Patriot Strike

July, 2007

Operation Pariot Strike took place over a two day span during the first week of July 2007. The operation was a clearing operation that took place in western Baghdad and was conducted by Task Force Patriot, the 2nd Battalion, 32nd Field Artillery Regiment, who partnered with the 2nd "Falcon" Battalion, 5th Brigade, 6th Iraqi Infantry Division.

The combined force cleared parts of the two neighborhoods of Hateen and Yarmouk in the Mansour District. The Patriot and Falcon leadership planned the operation together to combat violence in the area. Due to several improvised explosive devices, which either detonated or were found in the neighborhood, Coalition Forces and Iraqi leaders believed there to be an IED cell operating in west Yarmouk. They designed Patriot Strike to capture the members of this IED cell and clear the area of any weapon caches. More than 100 Iraqi troops participated in the clearing operation.

Soldiers found no members of an IED cell, American and Iraqi troops did discover one cache of weapons and contraband. Additionally, the combined forces confiscated more than a dozen other illegally-owned weapons, mainly AK-47 assault rifless and pistols.