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Operation New Market (Souk Jadeed)

May 25-29, 2005

Operation New Market (Souk Jadeed) took place from May 25-29, 2005 around the city of Haditha and was focused on disrupting terrorist activity in the vicinity of the city while also maintaining the pressure on insurgents that had begun with Operation Matador, conducted in Western Iraq May 7-14. The operation was launched in response to increased anti-Iraqi activity observed during the weeks preceding the operation. This included a higher-than-normal frequency of roadside bombs and the use by insurgents of outlying areas of Haditha in order to launch mortar attacks against Iraqi citizens, coalition forces, and utility infrastructure.

A total of 1,000 Coalition forces composed of Marines and Sailors from Regimental Combat Team - 2 in addition to members of the Iraqi Security Forces were involved in the conduct of the operation.

Checkpoints were established around the city to interdict terrorists leaving the city while Marines and ISF searched targeted areas, buildings and businesses in an effort to locate terrorists, weapons and ammunition caches. Essential civilian servicesm including water and powere, were not disrupted as a result of the operation.

During one engagement, US Marines conducted a precision air strike against terrorists who were firing on coalition forces from a building they'd occupied. One laser-guided bomb was dropped on the building, leveling it to rubble and killing the terrorists inside.

According to Multi-National Force-Iraq, Operation New Market resulted in the elimination of a significant number of insurgents in addition to the detention of dozens of individuals for questioning. Iraqi and coalition forces also seized numerous weapons caches and munitions, including assault rifles, machine guns, rocket propelled grenades and a buried cache consisting of over three hundred 82mm high-explosive mortar projectiles.

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