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Operation National Unity

Sept 29, 2005

Operation National Unity began on September 29, 2005 in and around Baghdad. Task Force Baghdad soldiers were charged with the objective of detecting and halting insurgent activity. By November 14, 2005 the operation had encompassed 25,401 patrols, 14,895 traffic control points, and 1,082 raids and cordon-and-searches by Iraqi and U.S. forces.

Military officials have claimed the operations impact has resulted in 36 percent fewer detonated car bombs, a 50 percent increase in improvised explosive devices found before detonation, and a 67 percent increase in weapons caches discovered.

The operation also oversaw this volatile area during important junctures in the rebuilding process including the Oct. 15 Constitutional Referendum vote, the start of Saddam Hussein's trial, turning over key battlespace to ISF, and the annual Ramadan observance.