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Operation Moon River Dragon

May 29, 2005

On May 29, 2005, a combined Iraqi and Coalition military contingent moved into the village of Al Julaam in order to commence Operation Moon River Dragon. The force consisted of an Iraqi Army platoon from Company D, 203rd Battalion accompanied by 100 infantrymen from 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry, Task Force Liberty and an M-1 Abrams tank company.

The operation was intended to encircle a number of key objectives in the village and lead to the capture of the battalion's second-most-wanted suspected terrorist whom intelligence had reported to possibly be wearing a suicide belt to prevent his capture.

The soldiers orchestrated a coordinated search of the Al Julaam, with the Iraqi Army troops evacuating residents of from their houses before Coalition Soldiers entered to search them. After being taken to a safe house, more than 40 individual males were interrogated about insurgent activites. Despite being unable to locate their target, MNF-I claimed that the operation had yielded further information to pursue the target.

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