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Operation Iron Promise

March 2004

Operation Iron Promise is an ongoing Task Force 1st Armored Division operation which began on 18 March 2004. Within three days of Operation Iron Promise, Task Force 1st Armored Division continued to target known enemy locations and aggressively carry out cordon and search operations looking for Former Regime Elements and other extremists who pose a threat to the Iraqi people and stand in the way of a new Iraq.

The Task Force completed three offensive missions in support of Operation Iron Promise. Seven enemy personnel were captured. Task Force Soldiers seized three AK-47 assault rifles, four rocket-propelled grenades and four RPG rounds, two hand grenades, a 122n artillery shell and improvised explosive devise making materials.

The task Force conducted 34 joint patrols out of a total of 512. Soldiers also completed 43 escort missions.

Enemy action against the Task Force included one RPG, small-arms, and IED attacks. Six Soldiers were wounded but all were retuned to duty.

On the fourth day of operations, the Task Force seized 14 AK-47 assault rifles and a pistol, 20 rocket-propelled grenade launchers, 30 mortar rounds, 100 mortar fuses and assorted small arms ammunition. The Task Force also conducted 538 patrols, including 38 joint missions with Coalition and Iraqi Defense Force partners, and 35 escort missions.

Task Force 1st Armored Division soldiers captured 12 individuals suspected of planning attacks on Coalition forces March 22, day five of Operation Iron Promise. In addition, TF 1AD soldiers confiscated three AK-47s, 19 rocket-propelled grenade launchers, 50 blasting caps and four pistols. They also conducted 43 escort missions and 600 patrols, including 40 alongside Iraqi Defense Force partners.

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