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Operation Four Brothers

July 6, 2007

Operation Four Brothers took place on July 6, 2007, in Arab Jaboour. Paratroopers from Bravo Troop, 1st Battalion, 40th Cavalry Regiment, from Fort Richardson, Alaska, netted numerous detainees and munitions during the operation. Solders found caches of weapons, money, cell phones and numerous types of media as well as detaining 13 suspected insurgents. One individual, who was briefly detained and released, agreed to write a sworn statement against other detainees being held.

During the operation the paratroopers discovered various weapons caches containing three Iranian hand grenades, military type uniforms, and 40 mortar casings ranging from 40 millimeter to 81 millimeter. The munitions were confiscated and turned over to the Iraqi police for destruction. The paratroopers also found 9,000,000 Iraqi Dinar, the equivalent to $6,000 in US currency. There were also several items from two different coalition patrol bases that had been stolen. These items included razor wire, ladders and lumber.