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Operation Falcon Sweep

January, 2006

Operation Falcon Sweep took place in January of 2006 in the area of Shakaria, Iraq.

During the operation Task Force Ironhorse Soldiers were said to have killed several insurgents, detained one and discovered a significant weapons cache.

As part of Operation Falcon Sweep, Black Hawk helicopters landed near Shakaria and Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment swept the village to identify terrorists.

The 2-502nd Soldiers received small arms and indirect fire from insurgent forces. The Soldiers returned fire, killing six suspected terrorists and wounding one other.

Following the firefight, Soldiers discovered two dead insurgents wearing suicide vests, strapped with explosives.

Soldiers were said to have found a weapons cache hidden in a shack. The enormous weapons and equipment find consisted of: components to make 15 pressure-plate improvised explosive devices, two 130mm mortar rounds, one 122mm mortar round, one directional-charge IED, more than 60 electronic detonation devices, 1,500 blasting caps, 50 feet of detonation cord, two packages of plastic explosives, four grenades, 200 feet of electrical wire, one 12-volt battery, 400 pounds of homemade explosives, one sniper rifle, four AK-47s and 20 AK-47 magazines. The weapons cache was then destroyed by a explosive ordinance disposal team.


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