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Operation Dirty Harry

February, 2006

In late February, 2006, Operation "Dirty Harry" searched a neighborhood and farmlands in south Muqdadiya in the Diyala Province. The purpose of the mission was to cordon and knock a local neighborhood which included searching homes and farmland for anti-coalition forces and weapon caches.

The joint operation included U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the 4th Infantry Division's 1-68 Combined Arms Battalion, U.S. Air Force dog handlers from the 35th Security Forces Squadron and Iraqi army forces.

According to CENTCOM reports, the troops dismounted their vehicles and tactically moved into the neighborhood, led by the Iraqi army soldiers.

The Iraqi soldiers approached the homes and explained the intent of their search to the residents, while U.S. forces pulled security on the streets.

After the Iraqi army departed the homes, the Air Force dog teams were called in to do a "once over" to ensure there was not any explosive residue present.

When the last home was thoroughly searched, yielding no contraband, the joint forces assembled on line to sweep through an area of farmland behind the neighborhood.

During that later search, U.S. forces uncovered a single mortar round.