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Operation Dealer

October 12, 2006

Operation Dealer took place on Oct. 12, 2006, in the Ta'meen area in western Ramadi. Soldiers detained 15 suspected insurgents, discovered two vehicles being fitted as suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices, and found a significant weapons cache.

It was a combined operation with Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police, and Coalition Force units. The Iraqi Police assisted by establishing vehicle check points at critical intersections and conducted vehicle searches in order to deny insurgent forces the ability to evade the combined Iraqi and Coalition force operation.

The 1st Battalion, 1st Brigade, 7th Iraqi Army Division, with elements of 3rd Battalion, 1st Brigade, 7th IA Division, conducted house-to-house searches to help establish a new combat outpost.

They found weapons cache consisted of four rocket propelled grenade launchers, 34 155mm artillery shells, 13 60mm mortar rounds, eight AK-47s, a PKC machine gun, a Dragonov sniper rifle with scope, three pounds of high explosives, 400 pounds of detonation cord, 48 blasting caps, eight radio controlled IED initiators, four pressure activated IED initiators and more than 600 rounds of small arms ammunition. Several smaller caches and additional munitions were found during the course of Operation Dealer.