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Operation Cowpens

March 19 - April 14, 2006

Operation Cowpens which began on March 19, 2006 on the Jabouri Peninsula concluded maneuvers on April 14, 2006 after nearly a month of discovering caches and hampering insurgent efforts in the area, officials said. The Operation appeared to be originally only designated to last 10 days but ended up lasting for almost a whole month.

The joint operation included the 1-8 Combined Arms Battalion as well as two units of the Iraqi army's 4th Division: 3rd Battalion, 1st Brigade and 1st Battalion, 3rd Brigade.

The month-long operation included an air insertion and a ground assault to achieve a foothold on the peninsula. Once the foothold was attained, the joint force had a place to base operations and conduct searches of the peninsula to find insurgent supply havens.

The joint assault force was said to have killed seven insurgents, and two soldiers were wounded in action. The two American soldiers who were wounded were evacuated to the United States for further care.

Nineteen detainees were reportedly taken during Operation Cowpens. For a full list of weapons and other materials uncovered in Operation Cowpens follow the link to the article "Officials Tally Weapons Seized in Operation Cowpens."