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Arctic Sunrise

December, 2006

Operation Arctic Sunrise was a squadron sized mission consisting of two weeks of preparations that focused on helping Iraqis secure their neighborhoods by gaining intelligence and disrupting anti-coalition activities south of Baghdad that took place in December. The operation was slated to last between five to six days.

Paratroopers from the 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Regiment (Airborne) were involve in the biggest mission for the 1-40th Cav since being deployed to Iraq. The mission removed a sizable cache of improvised explosive device making material, and detained 11 individuals believed to be involved in insurgent activities and improved the living conditions for the Iraqi people in the area.

Along with the humanitarian aid packages, troops escorted local national contractors throughout the town to repair damaged roads and installed a transformer to increase the towns energy output. With days of indirect fire from mortars, improvised explosive devices as well as small arms fire from enemy snipers.