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Operation Ivy Serpent

July 12, 2003 - July 21, 2003

On July 12, 2003, the 4th Infantry Division and Task Force Ironhorse launched operation Ivy Serpent; the fourth in a series of operations focused on neutralizing paramilitary, Ba'ath Party loyalists and other subversive elements within Iraq.

Operation Ivy Serpent was a sub-operation of Operation Soda Mountain. Though Operation Soda Mountain concluded on July 17, 2003, Operation Ivy Serpent was, as of July 29, 2003, still ongoing.

According to CENTCOM, Operation Ivy Serpent was a preemptive strike focused aggressively on non-compliant forces and former regime leaders who are planning attacks against coalition forces in an attempt to hinder coalition and Iraqi efforts in building a new Iraq.

Much of the effort was being concentrated in a region along Highway 1 between the cities of Bayji, Huwayiah and Samarra.

As of July 29, 2003, according to DOD officials, during the course of Operation Ivy Serpent, coalition forces conducted 27 raids, captured 226 detainees, 800 82- millimeter mortar rounds, 50 small arms and 26 rocket-propelled grenades.

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