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Organized Kidnaping

Since the fall of the regime in Iraq, the crimes have escalated from looting, to car jacking, and now kidnaping for random money. There have been an increasing number of reported cases of kidnaping, mainly in Baghdad. The victims are normally Christian children and teenagers from middle-income or wealthy families. The kidnaping happens often in broad daylight and appears to be the work of highly-organized gangs. The kidnaping gangs carefully follow their intended victim, tracking their daily pattern and collecting details about the family's schedule and situation.

According to the 06 August 2003 Los Angeles Times, several families of kidnaping victims received no response from police of the U.S. military when they approached them for assistance. "We went to the police and saw the Americans. An American told us, "What can we do?" he said, a complaint echoed by other families of victims. Instead, they were forced to pay ransoms from $15,000 to $75,000 for the return of their children.

The day one child went missing, his parents spoke to U.S. soldiers who were searching the neighborhood. When they asked the soldiers for help to find their missing son, they told the parents, "It's not our business...We're here to search for Saddam Hussein."

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