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Flexible Deterrence Options (FDO)


  • Reduce international diplomatic ties
  • Increase cultural group pressure
  • Alter existing meetings, programs, or schedules
  • Prepare to withdraw U.S. embassy personnel
  • Pursue measures to increase regional support
  • Identify the national leader who may be able to solve the problem
  • Develop or work within existing coalition (avoid unilateral actions when possible)
  • Alert and introduce special teams: Public diplomacy, MTT, Communication
  • Initiate noncombatant evacuation procedures
  • Use the UN or other international institutions
  • Identify clearly the steps to peaceful resolution
  • Restrict activities of diplomats
  • Reduce national embassy personnel
  • Take actions to win support of allies and friends
  • Coordinate efforts to strengthen international support
  • Promote democratic elections
  • Heighten informational efforts directed at the International community, opinion leaders within the national population, and coalitions formed to overcome the situation


  • Promote U.S. policy objectives through public policy statements
  • Take measures to increase public support
  • Keep selected issues as lead stories
  • Heighten public awareness of the program and potential for conflict
  • Maintain an open dialogue with the press
  • Invite in impartial observers
  • Impose sanctions on C4I and weapon technology transfer
  • Protect friendly C4I assets
  • Develop informal as well as formal contacts with international opinion setters
  • Increase C4I processing and transmission capability


  • Seize real property in the United States
  • Embargo goods and services
  • Cancel U.S.-funded programs
  • Heighten informational efforts directed at Financial institutions
  • Reduce or eliminate corporate transactions
  • Freeze monetary assets in the United States
  • Freeze international assets
  • Enact trade sanctions
  • Encourage corporations to restrict transactions
  • Reduce security assistance programs


  • Deploy Joint Task Force (JTF) Headquarters-Forward to area
  • Employ reconnaissance assets to the area
  • Increase military exchanges and staff visits to the area
  • Conduct aircraft fly-overs
  • Pre-stage sealift and airlift reception assets to air and sea ports of embarkation
  • Deploy fighter squadrons/AWACS to region
  • Deploy the afloat Amphibious Ready Group/ Marine Expeditionary Unit (ARG/MEU) (SOC) to the region
  • Open pre-positioned stockage facilities
  • Open and secure sea and air Lines of Communications (LOCs)
  • Deploy carrier battle group (CVBG) to the region
  • Activate reserve call-up
  • Initiate or increase show of force actions
  • Begin moving forces to air and sea ports of embarkation (APOEs and SPOEs)
  • Pre-stage or deploy contingency ready brigades
  • Establish curfews and impose restrictions on leaves, separations, and retirements
  • Implement meaconing, interference, jamming, and intrusion of enemy information assets
  • Deploy naval Surface Action Group (SAG) to the region
  • Move Maritime Prepositioning Ships (MPS) to the region
  • Move Marine Expeditionary Force (FWD) to the region
  • Upgrade alert status
  • Increase exercise activities, schedules, and scope
  • Increase strategic reconnaissance
  • Increase naval port calls or air squadron visits to the area
  • Use naval or air capability to enforce sanctions
  • Deploy intelligence collection and analysis to the area
  • Exercise WMD passive defense
  • Pre-stage airlift and airlift support assets
  • Deploy J-STARS to the area
  • Replace logistic infrastructure where possible
  • Increase informational efforts: PSYOP, Mission awareness, Measures directed at the opponent's military force

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