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Operation Desert Thunder
Order of Battle
15 October 1998 Snapshot

This is a reasonably up-to-date and accurate order-of-battle of forces deployed in Southwest Asia. In the interest of simplicity and consistency, it only includes striking forces directly participating in or supporting the air campaign, and excludes various non-combatant and logistical support elements.

Through the summer of 1998, the Navy forces were fairly well defined, with a complete listing available online @ United States Naval Forces in 5th Fleet - The Arabian Gulf. However, around the time of the August 1998 cruise missile strikes against targets in Afghanistan and Sudan, this link vanished, and no similar resource has replaced it. Some non-trivial uncertainty remains concerning Air Force deployments, and the Pentagon has from time to time explicitly declined to clarify matters, apart from specifying the overall number of aircraft in theater.


LocationUnit Squadron Aircraft # TOTAL
Land Based80
Diego Garcia? 0
Kuwait - Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base? 0
Bahrain - Sheik Isa Airfield? 0
4404th Wing (Provisional)
Saudi Arabia - Prince Sultan Air Base78
4404th F15 Squadron F-15 ? 15
4404th F16 Squadron F-16 ? 15
VAQ-128 [Navy] EA-6B ? 6
4405th AACS (P) E-3 AWACS 4
4407th Reconnaissance Squadron
4416th Intelligence Squadron
RC-135 2
4408th Air Refueling KC-10
4413th Air Refueling KC-10
4410th Airlift
4418th Airlift
Saudia Arabia - Taif Air Base2
4402d Reconnaissance Squadron (P) U-2 2
Oman - Al Seeb Air Base? 0
United Arab Emirates - Al Dhafra? 0
Afloat in the Persian Gulf85
Carrier Air Wing 14 [USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72]
VF-31 F-14B 14
VFA-25 F/A-18C 12
VFA-113 F/A-18C 12
VFA-115 F/A-18C 12
VAQ-139 EA-6B 4
VQ-5 ES-3A 3
other 18


Crew VLS Cells
USS Abraham Lincoln CVN 726,200 -0-
USS Valley Forge CG 50 358 122
USS Shiloh CG 67 358 122
USS ElliotDD 967 300 61
USS Jarret FFG 33 200-0-
USS Jefferson City SSN 759 133 12
USS Columbia SSN 771 133 12
Tomahawk-capable VLS Cells329
Tomahawks currently deployed?~250

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