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Maj. General Tim Cross (BA)
Deputy Director, International

Major General Tim Cross was commissioned in the British Army in 1971. He served as an Ammunition Technical Officer in N Ireland in the 70s, had a tour with the UN in Cyprus in 1980. He later transferred to Paris to assume a Tri-National GW appointment on the MILAN anti-tank program.

In 1998 he was a member of the Directing Staff at the Staff College and he assumed Command of 1st Ordnance Battalion. During the 1991 Gulf war he was Commander Supply of the 1 (UK) Armored Division during Operation Granby (Desert Storm).

In 1993 Maj, General Cross was was promoted to Colonel and became the first Commander Logistic Support of 3 (UK) Division and promoted to Brigadier in Feb 1996.

In December 1997 he took over command of the UK logistic capability with SFOR on Op LODESTAR and, at the same time, assumed command of 101 Logistic Brigade.

In January 19999, 101 Logistic Brigade deployed to Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo; he was the Commander of the Joint Force Logistic Component (JFLogC) for the UK Contribution to KFOR. He led the KFOR response to the Northern Macedonian Easter refugee crisis and also worked in Southern Albania helping with the refugees there. He was appointed CBE in the subsequent operational awards.

In January 2003 he established the JFLogC for current operations in the Middle East leading to his current role in the US-led Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (ORHA).

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