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Command Post Exercise (CPX)

A Command Post Exercise (CPX) is a medium-cost, medium-overhead training exercise that may be conducted in garrison or in the field. It is the most common exercise used for training the battalion staff, subordinate, and supporting leaders in order to successfully plan, coordinate, synchronize, and exercise C2 over operations during mission execution. In garrison, a CPX is an expanded MAPEX, using tactical communications, both digital and analog, systems and personnel in a CP environment. Normal battlefield distances between the CPs are usually reduced, and CPs do not need to exercise all tactical communications.

The most effective CPXs are conducted in the field. In field operations time-distance should realistically reflect Army doctrine and Mission, Enemy, Troops, Terrain, and Time Available (METT-T). Operations should be continuous and support the use of all organic and supporting communications equipment. Commanders can practice combined arms integration and tactical emplacement and displacement of CPs. Each headquarters should practice survivability operations such as dispersion, camouflage, and security.

In preparation, units often conduct a TOCEX prior to conducting a CPX. This allows the principal and special staffs to organize for war (such as CPs and staff cells) and train MTP tasks. Additionally, it provides the command group and staff the opportunity to practice setting up the CPs.

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