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Related Law Enforcement Operations

As of mid-1997 some 1,100 US military personnel were on 40 separate deployments focusing on counter-drug missions in 11 Latin American countries. Approximately half of them are members of specialized training teams. But with 60,000 troops rotating through Southern Command in a given year, up to 17,000 personnel may engage in countering the drug trade at sometime in the region.

Directives from the President, Congress, and the DOD have resulted in an expanded role for military forces in attacking illegal drugs in every phase of their flow: at the source, in transit, and in the US. A major portion of the DOD counterdrug effort is conducted OCONUS, particularly in Central America and South America under the supervision of the CINC US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM). The Department of State has primary oversight responsibilities for all support provided OCONUS. Military support to the national counterdrug effort requires deployment of appropriately trained and equipped members of the armed forces. The effort also requires continuing cooperation and coordination among the military and federal, state, and local drug law enforcement agencies (DLEAs)

Other Drug Enforcement Administration operations include:

  • Operation Alliance
  • Operation Alliance JTF 6 & Hidta (DEA USCS INS) El Paso
  • Operation Bat - Bahamas/Turks/Caicos
  • Operation Clean Sweep NYSP/DEA
  • Operation Emerald Clipper
  • Operation Goldenrod
  • Operation Green Ice
  • Operation Green Ice II
  • Operation Green Merchant
  • Operation Hemp Task Force
  • Operation Jolly Roger
  • Operation Monopoly - Go to jail (PSCD/ATF/DEA/DPD/USAO/IRS/USSS)
  • Operation Royal Flush
  • Operation Snowcap
  • Operation Triox Task Force
  • Operation Wipeout, Hawaii
  • Operation Yankee Scout

Other FBI operations include

  • Operation Desert Glow Rocky Flats
  • Operation Desert Hawk - Fugitive Task Force (Phoenix Az)
  • Operation Goldenrod
  • Operation Hammer & Anvil
  • Operation Hydra

Other US Marshal's Service operations include:

  • Operation Gun Smoke Special Task Unit
  • Operation Olympus 1996 - Southeast
  • Operation Safe Protest - 1991 - Wichita Pd
  • Operation Sunrise - Arizona
  • Operation Sunrise - Boston/NY/Baltimore/Atlanta/Miami
  • Operation Trident - Texas
  • Operation Trident - Arizona
  • Operation Trident - Cleveland
  • Operation Trident - SDNY
  • Operation Volt Fugitive Task Force

Other US Customs Service operations include:

  • Operation Alliance
  • Operation Florida 1984 #650 (silkscreen)
  • Operation Monopoly - Go to Jail PCSD/ATF/DEA/DPD/USAO/IRS/USSS
  • Operation RIP - Radar Interdiction Project S.E.

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