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Civil War - What is in a Name?

Whether called the Civil War, the War Between The States, the War For States Rights, the War of Northern Agression, or whatever name deemed appropriate, the result is the same -- hundreds of thousands of Americans, dressed in both gray and blue, paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting for a cause that they believed in. Merton E. Coulter's "A Name for the American War of 1861-1865." (Georgia Historical Quarterly 36 [June 1952]: 109-131) is an interesting overview of how people referred to the conflict—from contemporary soldiers and officers, through the post-war period and into the twentieth century.

The Civil War The War for Southern Rights
The Civil War in America Mr. Lincoln's War
The American Civil War The War for Southern Planters
The American War The War of the North against the South
War of the Sections The War to Suppress Yankee Arrogance
War for Separation The War for Nationality
War for Independence The War for Southern Nationality
War for Southern Independence The War Against Slavery
Confederate War for Independence The War of the Sixties
The Second War for Independence The War Against Northern Aggression
The Second American Revolution The Yankee Invasion
The War for Southern Freedom The War for Separation
The Insurrection The War for Abolition
The Rebellion The Abolitionist's War
The Southern Rebellion The War for the Union
The War of the Rebellion The War of the Southerns
The Great Rebellion The Late Unpleasantness
War for Secession The Old Confederate War
War of the Confederates The Lost Cause
The Confederate War THE WAR
The War Between the States
The Civil War Between the States
The Brother's War
The War Between the Union and Confederacy
War of the Abolition Party Against the Principles of the Constitution of the United States
The War for Constitutional Liberty
The War for States Rights

Some 10,500 armed engagements occurred during the Civil War ranging from battles to minor skirmishes; 384 engagements were the principal battles. Some 45 battles had a decisive influence on a campaign and a direct impact on the course of the war; 104 had a direct and decisive influenceon their campaign; 128 had observable influence on the outcome of a campaign); and 107 sites had a limited influence on the outcome of their campaign or operation but achieved or affected important local objectives. However, the combatants could in some notable cases not even agree upon the names of the battles.

     Union                    Confederate
      Bull Run, VA              Manassas       21 July 1861
      Wilsons Creek, MO         Oak Hills      10 Aug 1861
      Logan's Cross Roads, VA   Mill Springs   19 Jan 1862
      Pea Ridge, AR             Elkhorn Tavern 6-8 Mar 1862
      Pittsburg Landing, TN     Shiloh         6-7 Apr 1862
      Bull Run, VA (2nd)        Manassas       29-30 Aug 1862
      Antietam, MD              Sharpsburg     17 Sept 1862
      Chapell Hills, KY         Perryville     8 Oct 1862
      Stones River, TN          Murfreesboro   30 Dec 1862-2 Jan 1863
      Elk Creek, Ind. Terr.     Honey Springs  17 July 1863
      Sabine Cross Roads, LA    Mansfield       8 Apr 1864
      Opequon Creek, VA         Winchester     19 Sept 1864

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