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Operation Bulldog Mammoth

December 4, 2003 - ?

First Armored Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team conducted a rare brigade-sized cordon and search of an Abu Ghurayb apartment complex, northwest of Baghdad Dec. 4.

The operation, conducted by the Fort Riley, Kan.-based unit, was the wrap up of three large-scale cordon and searches by the brigade. The first two were conducted during Operation Iron Hamme

The operation, named Operation Bulldog Mammoth, found:

  • 220 AK-47 assault rifles, machine guns, pistols and other rifles.
  • 24 plates of body armor and a U.S.-made vest.
  • 16 cases of U.S. military meals, ready to eat.
  • 12 mortar sights.
  • 10 hand grenades.
  • five rocket-propelled grenades and 15 RPG launchers
  • An assortment of electrical components associated with building improvised explosive devise.
  • Russian-made night vision devices.
  • protective masks.
  • Saddam Hussein paraphernalia.

Additionally, more than 40 personnel were detained, including three on a by-name "black" list of suspects

Aside from the 2nd Bn, 70th Armor, the operation's major players ranged from units like the the Fort Bragg, N.C.-based 1st Bn., 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, more than 300 Iraqi Civil Defense Corps personnel and an Estonian army platoon.

Two companies from the 709th Military Police Bn. provided an outer cordon.

A Tactical Psychological Operations team from the 1210th PsyOps Company broadcast messages to the complex residents about the coalition's objective.

Two explosive ordnance disposal teams were on site and a platoon of four AH-64 Apache helicopters provided air support for the duration of the operation.

In all, approximately 1,447 Soldiers were involved in the five-and-a-half-hour operation

The cordon and search went through 2,400 apartments and 53 additional buildings.

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