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Trident II: Reductions to MK-6 Guidance System Inventory Objectives May Be Possible (Letter Report, 07/06/94, GAO/NSIAD-94-192)

The Navy plans to have 10 Trident II missile submarines by the end of
fiscal year 1997. Each Trident II carries 14 D-5 missiles, and each
missile is equipped with the MK-6 guidance system, which is comprised of
an inertial measurement unit and an electronics assembly. The Navy
maintains spare MK-6 guidance systems on board each submarine and in its
logistics pipeline for test and maintenance purposes. The Navy carries
six spare MK-6s on board each patrolling submarine. These inventory
objectives are based on maintaining the same high levels of readiness
and reliability that were originally established between 1986 and 1987
during the Cold War era. GAO found that reducing the number of on board
spares to three would decrease the guidance system's operational
readiness by only 3 percent, and reducing the number of spares to four
would result in only a 0.66 percent decrease. GAO recommends the
Secretary of Defense consider reducing the number of additional MK-6
guidance systems scheduled to be procured in coming years in light of
the decreased threat following the break up of the Soviet Union and the
end of the Cold War.
--------------------------- Indexing Terms -----------------------------
     TITLE:  Trident II: Reductions to MK-6 Guidance System Inventory 
             Objectives May Be Possible
      DATE:  07/06/94
   SUBJECT:  Advanced weapons systems
             Navy procurement
             Spare parts
             Military inventories
             Electronic equipment
             Inventory control systems
             Fleet ballistic missiles
             Nuclear weapons
IDENTIFIER:  MK-6 Guidance System
             Trident D5 Missile
             Trident II Submarine
             Warsaw Pact
             Soviet Union
             Navy Commander in Chief Evaluation Test Program
             Navy Demonstration and Shakedown Operation Test
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