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Navy Modernization: Alternatives for Achieving a More Affordable Force (Testimony, 04/26/94, GAO/T-NSIAD-94-171)

The Navy will be asking Congress for billions of dollars in the coming
years to recapitalize the fleet and maintain the defense industrial
base.  Even if Congress authorizes the programs being requested, the
Navy will face an affordability problem.  Past experience strongly
suggests that some costs will be higher than projected and some savings
will never materialize.  More importantly, GAO believes that
alternatives exist to the Defense Department and Navy proposals that
could effectively protect national security at significantly lower cost.
These alternatives include using less costly means to provide overseas
presence, using existing aircraft and missiles for deep attack, and
changing shipbuilding industrial base-related decisions.
--------------------------- Indexing Terms -----------------------------
     TITLE:  Navy Modernization: Alternatives for Achieving a More 
             Affordable Force
      DATE:  04/26/94
   SUBJECT:  Naval aircraft
             Navy procurement
             Military cost control
             Defense contingency planning
             Advanced weapons systems
             Shipbuilding industry
             Future budget projections
             Cost effectiveness analysis
             Defense capabilities
             Military vessels
IDENTIFIER:  DOD Bottom-Up Review
             A-6 Aircraft
             DDG-51 Destroyer
             CVN-76 Aircraft Carrier
             SSN-23 Submarine
             F/A-18E/F Aircraft
             SSN-21 Submarine
             V-22 Aircraft
             Seawolf Attack Submarine
             DOD Future Years Defense Program
             Joint Advance Strike Technology Program
             Harrier Aircraft
             Tomahawk Cruise Missile
             Vertical Launched Antisubmarine Rocket
             Aegis Weapon System
             F-14A Aircraft
             F/A-18C Aircraft
             F-14D Aircraft
             F-15E Aircraft
             A-6E Aircraft
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