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Electronic Warfare: Costly Radar Warning Receiver Duplication Continues (Chapter Report, 11/29/93, GAO/NSIAD-94-4)

Despite recommendations from Congress that the military services build
common electronic warfare systems that can be shared, the Air Force and
the Navy have continued to acquire radar warning receivers for
fixed-wing aircraft that lack commonality.  This lack of progress stems
in part from the Defense Department's (DOD) reliance on a flawed
analysis justifying the perpetuation of separate radar warning receiving
programs.  The prospects for achieving commonality for future fixed-wing
fighter and attack aircraft are also unclear because DOD has no plans to
ensure use of a common system.  GAO believes that commonality is
feasible and that substantial savings can be realized.  The Army has
acquired a common radar warning receiver for its helicopters, and a
follow-on system for Army and Marine Corps special purpose aircraft and
helicopters is being jointly acquired, with savings estimated to be
equal to the system acquisition cost.
--------------------------- Indexing Terms -----------------------------
     TITLE:  Electronic Warfare: Costly Radar Warning Receiver 
             Duplication Continues
      DATE:  11/29/93
   SUBJECT:  Radar equipment
             Warning systems
             Defense communications operations
             Navy procurement
             Air Force procurement
             Air defense systems
             Combat readiness
             Electronic warfare
             Aircraft components
             Defense cost control
IDENTIFIER:  Integrated Electronic Warfare System
             F-22 Aircraft
             B-1B Aircraft
             F/A-18E/F Aircraft
             ALR-67 Radar Warning Receiver
             APR-39 Radar Warning Receiver
             F-15 Aircraft Radar Warning Receiver
             ALR-56C Radar Warning System
             ALR-62(V)6 Radar Warning System
             ALR-69 Radar Warning System
             ALR-69I Radar Warning System
             ALR-56M Radar Warning System
             ALR-45F Radar Warning System
             ALR-67I Radar Warning System
             AH-1W Helicopter
             KC-130 Aircraft
             F-15 Aircraft
             F-111 Aircraft
             F-16 Aircraft
             A-10 Aircraft
             F-4 Aircraft
             F/A-18 Aircraft
             F-14 Aircraft
             A-6E Aircraft
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