_____ What/where are the maneuver objectives?

_____ How far beyond the objectives must we range?

_____ Do we have to provide coverage in any other direction?

_____ How many howitzers must we fire in these other directions?

_____ When are we expected to provide fires?

_____ Do we have to provide fires to other units? (D/A, Adj Bde)


_____ What is the basic threat to the battery? Air, Arty, Mortars, Dismounts, etc.

_____ How long will it take them to mass for an attack?

_____ In what numbers will they attack?

_____ What type and amount of threat equipment is on the battlefield positioned against us? i.e. amount of 152mm artillery, number and type of
air sorties per day, etc.

_____ How will they attack? Air then arty then dismounts, etc.

_____ Effect of the light/weather on the enemy and the battery;

_____ Temperature

_____ Humidity

_____ Rainfall

_____ Illumination data


_____ What is the current and projected battery strength?

_____ What other requirements will reduce that strength?

_____ Casualty evacuation, ammunition resupply, etc

_____ What units are attached/co-located with the battery?

_____ What is the current and projected morale/physical welfare of the unit?

_____ Do other units contingency plans effect the battery strength? Jump TOC co-located, replacing observers, etc


_____ Are survivable positions available based on the threat?

_____ Is static position required?

_____ Open terrain (300+ meters)

_____ Proper drainage

_____ Capable of supporting long term firing positions?

_____ Not restricted by other units (next to a FARP, or landing strip)

_____ Is a mobile defense required?

_____ Are enough suitable positions available?

_____ Does road network support convoy traffic?

_____ Are there ROE restrictions?

_____ What azimuths of fire must be covered in each position?


_____ When and where are fires required?

_____ When are moves required to support?

_____ When will supplementary positions need to occupied?

_____ How long before the enemy will attack the battery?

_____ What criteria will cause the battery to displace?

_____ When must the battery be IPRTF?

Table of Contents
Defense - General
Firing Accurately and Safely

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