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_____ Establish local security

_____ Establish FM communications with FA TOC & batteries, FSB TOC/BDE ALOC. Erect OE254.

_____ Erect and prepare ALOC

_____ Remote MSRT into ALOC; affiliate

_____ Camouflage vehicles & ALOC

_____ Update status boards & situation map

_____ Bring TACCS on line

_____ Establish wire commo with brigade ALOC/FSB TOC

_____ Establish wire commo with SEN/LEN; affiliate DNVT

_____ Select crew-served weapons locations & sectors of fire

_____ Construct fighting positions

_____ Construct survivability positions

_____ Establish wire communications with each section & fighting positions

_____ Erect & camouflage sleeping tents


_____ Establish & maintain DA Form 1594

_____ Establish/post shift schedule

_____ Shift consists of 1 S1 rep, 1 S4 rep, 1 RTO, 1 runner

_____ LOGSTAT report from batteries XXXX hours daily

_____ S4 rep compiles, compare CL V with AFU update (S3)

_____ Forward to brigade S4 NLT XXXX hours daily

_____ Forward to support platoon leader

_____ PERSTAT report from batteries XXXX hours daily

_____ S1 rep compiles

_____ Forwards to brigade S1 NLT XXXX hours daily

_____ Battle loss (CL VII) report

_____ Advise S4 & XO

_____ S4 compares with load plans

_____ Forward to brigade

_____ Ammunition tracking

_____ Compare LOGSTAT with AFU update (S3)

_____ Battle tracking (overlays, intel, maneuver, fire support, logistics/MSR, unit locations)

_____ Movement/Convoy control

_____ Shifts/Shift change brief

_____ Critical systems status

_____ Replacement inprocessing (See S1 checklist)

_____ Press handling

_____ BSA fire plan

_____ Control of sensitive items

_____ Signs in BSA pointing to FA trains


_____ Establish FM communications with TOC on battalion command

_____ NCS for battalion A/L

_____ Monitor/Scan battalion command

_____ Monitor/Scan brigade A/L

_____ Establish wire communication with brigade ALOC (Switchboard &/or MSE DNVT)

_____ Establish wire communication TOC (if practical)

_____ Establish internal wire with perimeter

_____ Establish internal wire with maintenance, mess sections

_____ Remote MSRT from HQ-5 into ALOC


_____ Situation

_____ Enemy activities last 24 hours

_____ Friendly activities

_____ Current locations (batteries, TOC, radar, FSB TOC, all companies & mortars)

_____ Personnel

_____ Gains last 24 hours (names, assignment, unit)

_____ Losses last 24 hours (names, assignment, unit, present location)

_____ Units' critical shortages (by battery, battalion roll-up)

_____ Units' current status (by battery, battalion roll-up)

_____ Projected gains and RTDs next 24 hours

_____ Morale Support

_____ Chaplain's location, service plan

_____ Mail pick-up/drop-off times & locations

_____ Projected morale support activities next 24 hours

_____ Class I through IX (every class) & water

_____ Current quantity on hand in BSA

_____ Current requests by unit

_____ Current on hand amounts in units

_____ DTG next class I push/log run with class I

_____ Security

_____ Name & location of current sergeant-of-the-guard

_____ Verify communications with all sections & OPs

_____ Verify current challange/password & signals

_____ Communications

_____ Verify communications with all subscribers (FM, wire, MSE)

_____ Verify next change-over & DTG

_____ Check generator


Passive Security

_____ Vehicles and tents dispersed

_____ Camouflage

_____ Windshields, lights & mirrors covered

_____ Hoods erected

_____ Nets on all vehicles & tents

_____ Fighting positions concealed; minimize silhouette

_____ Cover

_____ ALOC in low ground, berms, radios or antennae remoted

_____ All fighting positions have 18" overhead cover

_____ Survivability positions for ALOC shift personnel with 18" overhead cover

_____ Noise

_____ Generators sandbagged/dug in

_____ Radio volume minimized

_____ Avoid metal-to-metal contact during occupations/march order

_____ Light

_____ Use tent liners

_____ Secure tent doors & windows

_____ Flashlight filters

_____ Check tents with NODs after EENT

_____ NBC alarms properly emplaced

Active Security

_____ Stand-to by all personnel (See battery FSOP)

_____ R & S patrols at stand-to; minimum of 200 meters beyond perimeter

_____ All crew served weapons sited by 1SG

_____ All crew served weapons have interlocking fields of fire

_____ All crew served weapons have T&E mechanisms, range cards

_____ All positions on perimeter are dug in with 18" overhead cover. Can change barrels and lift cover.

_____ Flank positions tied with adjacent units

_____ Communications wire to all OP/LPs

_____ Perimeter sketch to brigade ALOC/FSB TOC and FA TOC

_____ Reaction force lead by 1SG

_____ Reaction force organized into 2 X 5-man teams

_____ Vehicle identified for responding to call for reaction force

_____ Signal for reaction force is five short horn blasts, repeated three times

_____ Reaction force assembles at ALOC

_____ Rehearse reaction force daily

_____ Off-shift personnel on perimeter

_____ On-shift personnel

_____ Secure/destroy classified material

_____ Erase map boards

_____ Secure immediate vicinity of ALOC

_____ On-shift officer & RTO

_____ Secure radio & SOI

_____ Execute E&E to TOC if in danger of being overrun

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