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Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: ADOs fail to link up with the supported task force before deploying to the CMTC. See TA.4.4.5, Synchronize Tactical Operations.

(TA.3.0 Air Defense)

TREND 2: Lack of unit stability operations (STABOPs) SOPs. Air defense elements deploying in support of STABO are not prepared to conduct their assigned collective tasks.

PROBLEM: Lack of SOPs that address these tasks in the unit's TSOPs.

EXAMPLE: A BSFV rolled into a position to set up a checkpoint. The only SOP the crew had addressed was priorities of work outlined for selecting and occupying an high-intensity conflict (HIC) air defense fighting position.

RESULT: Since the priorities of work are different for SASO, the BSFV squad leader was at a loss as to what his priorities were.


1. Make sure to address STABO in the unit TSOPs.

  • Add new SOPs and checklists.

  • Refine existing ones.

EXAMPLES: There are a number of other possible SASO SOPs and checklists that can be developed at the battalion and battery level that could prove useful to deploying air defenders.

(a) Establish/operate a checkpoint.

(b) Link up/defend a convoy.

(c) Establish/operate an observation post.

(d) Conduct patrols.

2. Review and revise existing HIC SOPs and checklists such as priorities of work and precombat checks to include SASO.

3. Reference: The 7 ATC "White Paper" for information on completing unit TSOPs.

(TA.3.0 Air Defense)

TREND 3: Air defense units fail to conduct predeployment inspections. See TA.4.4, Direct and Lead Subordinate Forces.

(TA.3.0 Air Defense)

TREND 4: Planning for air defense early warning lacks detail. Air defense early warning presents a challenge in the stability and support operations environment.


1. Distances preclude use of a standard air defense early warning FM radio net.

2. Must provide access to early warning information from AWACS and other elements.

3. There is a requirement to provide early warning, oriented toward rotary wing aircraft, to all soldiers in the AOR.


1. Air defense early warnings must be passed quickly and efficiently when required. Use quick, sure, simple, and redundant methods.

2. Pass warnings over unit command nets.

3. Make provisions to pass messages as flash traffic when required.

4. Practice and drill these warnings until they are correct.

(TA.3.1 Process Air Targets)

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