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The Mine Action Center (MAC) was the mine information headquarters for TFE. The original TFE mine headquarters was known as the Mine Fusion Center (MFC). It was established in February 1996 because of the overwhelming role mines played in the contingency. The MFC consisted of four sections with separate and distinct functions.

1. The Equipment/Technology and TTP Cell was responsible for identifying existing, new and emerging systems, technologies, devices, and doctrine for applicability to the TFE mission.

2. The Safety Cell was responsible for promoting mine and situational awareness, mine safety, force protection and preparing mine awareness tips.

3. The Lessons Learned Cell was responsible for capturing and disseminating lessons learned on factional mine-clearance procedures and monitored the use and success of new breaching and minefield proofing systems. The cell also prepared lessons learned and TTP for dissemination to CTC, USAREUR, NATO, the U.S. Army Engineer Center and the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL), and evaluated the lessons for emerging doctrine.

4. The Mine Action Center was responsible for maintaining minefield status by collecting mine reports and tracking mine-clearance operations. It was also responsible for analyzing the current mine threat and disseminating that information to units.

Original Mine Fusion Center Organizational Structure

The original TFE MFC streamlined its functions and organization and became commonly referred to as just the Mine Action Center. The MAC's structure included five soldiers and four interpreters.

The Mine Action Center Organizational Structure

TFE Mine Action Center Functions

  • Served as the TFE Mine Information Headquarters.

  • Held meetings and coordinated with factional engineers on mine-related matters.

  • Maintained current minefield clearance status by collecting fractional minefield records.

  • Collected, translated, collated, and analyzed factional minefield reports.

  • Plotted and mapped minefield information on 1:50,000-Taci-Print maps.

  • Disseminated current mine data to TFE staff sections and units through using the Taci-Print mine map, translated factional minefield reports and minefield information spread sheets.

  • Promoted mine and situational awareness and training.

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