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This CTC Quarterly Bulletin focuses on Techniques and Procedures your unit can use, so you have the best chance to "do it right the first time." If the lessons in this bulletin and subsequent CTC Quarterly Bulletins help you avoid making a mistake, then the lessons learned process is working well.

The relevant lessons for the Total Army are there in the field with you. CALL has the mission and the means to share those lessons with the rest of the U. S. Army. This bulletin is one way to do that.

If you or your unit have a "lesson" that could help other units do it right the first time, send it to us. Don't worry about how "polished" your article is. CALL can take care of the editing, format and layout. We just want the raw material that can be packaged, and then shared with everyone.

So take the time to put your good ideas on paper and then get them to CALL. We'll acknowledge receipt and then work with you to put your material in publishable form. It may show up in News From the Front!, a bimonthly publication, or in the CTC Quarterly Bulletin. Select material will also be put "on line" in the Training Quarterly, a new publication on the CALL Home Page.

You can fax your material to DSN 552-9583/Coml (913) 684-9583, ATTN: Mr. Rick Bogdan, Military Analyst.

Combat Training Center (CTC) "HOW TO" Video Tapes

CALL is distributing CTC-produced "How To" tapes at no cost. These are standard VHS video cassettes. As subsequent tapes are released by the CTCs, CALL will distribute them. In future publications, we will update the list of available tapes. You can order these tapes as you would any CALL publication, BUT the videos will be issued on a unit, not individual, basis. As with any product CALL produces, we highly encourage local reproduction of these tapes

Is Your Unit Looking for Operations Orders to Facilitate Practicing the TDMP?
Well, Look No Further!

Recent trends from JRTC, NTC, and CMTC reveal that units typically experience problems with the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP). Brigades often do not have the opportunity to exercise their staff planning process as often as necessary while at home station. CALL has received permission from NTC and JRTC to disseminate, upon request, Division-level operation orders. The orders are designed to be used by a Brigade Headquarters to train a portion of, or the entire, TDMP. They can also be used to facilitate unit CPXs, simulation exercises, or OPDs.

Commander's Intent: Less is Better

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