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Every edition of CALL's CTC Quarterly Bulletin presents articles filled with techniques and procedures that work.

We usually present these techniques and procedures in five or six articles, covering fairly diverse topics - all with the intent of transferring useful knowledge from the field and the schoolhouse back to the field and the schoolhouse.

This issue's no different - disseminating useful techniques and procedures to the Total Army with the intent of helping unit's "get it right" the first time. The difference with this issue. . .you can tell from the cover. . . is that you're getting the techniques and procedures straight from the enemy!

If you've already been through a rotation at the National Training Center (NTC), then you're already all too familiar with the legendary proficiency of the OPFOR. They're probably as tough a maneuver enemy as we'll face on the globe.

Yet, the OPFOR you face today, or tomorrow, is not the same OPFOR you faced yesterday. Just as the Army adapts to the changing world, and less definable enemies, the OPFOR adapts as well. New force structures and new equipment, on both sides, results in change.

Decision-Point Tactics spelled out by the OPFOR's commander in this issue provide incredible insight in How To of mission execution by today's OPFOR. This OPFOR primer has great value for BLUFOR commanders in learning about how the OPFOR plans, prepares and then executes their missions.

The greatest value for BLUFOR commanders, however, should be the realization that the techniques and procedures inherent in the OPFOR's decision-point tactics equally apply to the BLUFOR.

IF U.S elements reach a point in their Home-Station training where they can deploy to a Combat Training Center (CTC) or a real-world operation and execute decision-point tactics, THEN those elements will be structured for mission success.

Just listen to your "enemy". . .they've read our book and are using it successfully. Don't just "know your enemy", . . learn from your enemy!

Director, Center for Army Lessons Learned

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