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"Job Aid"

by LTC Chip Carroll, Senior FSB O/C, and CPT Howard Christie, Maintenance Company O/C, CMTC

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All too often units arrive at the CMTC with recently assigned/reassigned personnel in critical CSS positions. The resulting loss of momentum, as units conduct team building and develop technical proficiency, frequently causes CSS system failures in the four "Rs:" Report, Recover, Requisition, and Repair.

The CSS system for maintenance crosses all boundaries on the battlefield. The interlocking responsibilities of combat vehicle crews, company and task force mechanics and direct support maintenance amplifies the need for every member of the team to do and understand his part. Failure at any level disrupts the continuity of support required to cross the line of departure with maximum combat power.

The Battlefield Maintenance Job Aid contained in this article defines specific tasks, from crew to brigade and support battalion level, necessary for the Army maintenance system to work. Further, this job aid illustrates the connectivity required through the various echelons of maintenance so that every member of the team can see his role in the larger context of brigade or division support.

The tasks contained in the job aid were compiled from many doctrinal sources, including FM 43-5, Unit Maintenance Operations; FM 43-12, Division Maintenance Operations; FM 63-20, Forward Support Battalion, Maintenance Update; and Supply Update 14. Operators, commanders, staff and technicians can use this data as a supplement for SOP refinement, establishment of job descriptions, CSS system checks, and development of concepts of support.

Distribute this document, or a locally modified version, to all levels of the CSS system down to individual/crew level. The new personnel in your unit can benefit the most. This will help them define their individual and collective duties and responsibilities for maintenance before their CTC experience. OPD, NCOPD or any leadership forum can facilitate the introduction of the job aid and assist the unit in a systems approach to maintenance.

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