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AAR - After-Action Review
ADA - air defense artillery
AI - area of interest
ALOC - Administrative-Logistics Operations Center
AO - area of operations
APL - ambulance platoon leader
AS - area security
AXP - ambulance exchange point


BAS - battalion aid station
BCC - battlefield circulation control
BCOC - Base Cluster Operations Center
BCT - Brigade Combat Team
bde - brigade
BMO - Battalion Maintenance Officer
BOS - battlefield operating system
BSA - Brigade Support Area


CA - combined arms
CALL - Center for Army Lessons Learned
CHS - combat health support
CID - Criminal Investigation Command
CMTC - Combat Maneuver Training Center
COA - course of action
CP - command post
CSS - combat service support
CTC - Combat Training Center


DISCOM - division support command
DMOC - Division Medical Operations Center
DOW - died of wounds
DS - direct support
DST - Decision Support Template
DZ - drop zone


EM - event matrix
EPW - enemy prisoner of war
ET - event template


FRAGO - fragmentary order
FPF - final protective fires
FSB - Forward Support Battalion
FSMC - Forward Support Medical Company
FSMT - Forward Support MEDEVAC Team
FSOP - field standing operating procedure


GSR - Ground Surveillance Radar


HIC - high intensity conflict
HVT - high value target


IPB - intelligence preparation of the battlefield


JAS - jump aid station


LD - line of departure
L&O - law and order
LO - liaison officer
LOGPAC - logistical package
LZ - landing zone


MCOO - Modified Combined Obstacle Overlay
MEDEVAC - medical evacuation
METL - mission-essential task list
METT-T - mission, enemy, terrain, troops and time available
MLRS - Multiple-Launch Rocket System
MP - military police
MPL - medical platoon leader
MSB - Main Support Battalion
MSMC - Main Support Medical Company
MSR - main supply route
MST - Maintenance Support Team
MTO&E - Modified Table of Organizations and Equipment


NAI - named area of interest
NBC - nuclear, biological, chemical
NCOPD - non-commissioned officer professional development
NMC - not-mission capable
NRT - near real time
NSEP - non-standard evacuation platform


O/C or OC - observer/controllers
OCOKA - observation, concealment, obstacles, key terrain, avenues of approach
OP - observation post
OPD - officer professional development


PCI - Pre-combat inspection
PIR - priority intelligence requirement
PLL - prescribed load list


QRF - quick reaction force


R&S - reconnaissance and surveillance


SOI - signal operation instructions
SOP - standing operating procedure
SPO - support, plans and operations officer; support operations officer
STABOPS - stability operations


TACSOP - tactical standing operating procedure
TAI - target area of interest
TCF - tactical combat force
TOC - Tactical Operations Center
TRP - target reference point


ULLS - Unit-Level Logistics System
UMCP - unit maintenance collection point
USAREUR - United States Army, Europe


XO - executive officer

CSS Functional AARs
Appendix B: Blank Forms

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