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Night Vision Equipment Company (NVEC), Inc. Post Office Box 266, Emmaus, PA 18049-0266
Phone (610)391-9101/FAX (610)391-9220


Model Number(s) IR-15* (*5855-01-396-8732)

Chapter 3, Appendix A:  Ground Commander's Pointer - Infrared
Table of Contents
Chapter 3, Appendix C:  Squad and Platoon Night Vision Task Org
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION AND FEATURES:The Phoenixis the first pocket-size user-programmable infrared (IR) beacon designed for individual combat identification (CID). It is invisible to the naked eye, but with night vision systems has been seen from as far away as 20 miles. It is perfect for the clandestine marking and positive identification of individuals, airdrop bundles, vehicles, routes and landing zones. In company-size operations, use several to identify the forward line of troops (FLOT) for night close air support (night CAS) strikes. In fast-moving combat operations, use it to identify friendlies and avoid fratricide. SpecOps teams use Phoenix to facilitate night rendezvous. The primary advantage of Phoenix is its instant no-tool field encoding capability. It allows any user to easily enter and change the flashing code. Any metallic object can be used to enter a code.

  • Small
  • Affordable
  • Clandestine
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • User-Encodable
  • Nearly Indestructible
  • No-Tools Field Encoding
  • Twenty-Mile (32km) Tested Range
  • Waterproof - Operates Underwater
  • Visible IR-15V Available as Classroom Trainer of for Unaided Night Operations.

Made in the USA


Intensity (mCd):
Memory in Seconds:
Battery Type:
9-Volt/BA-3090/U or Equivalent
Battery Life in Hours*:
5 to 320
Diode Life in Hours:
Size in Inches (mm)**:
1 X 0.75 X 2.5 (25X20X27)
Weight in Ounces (grams)**:
2 (57)

*Varies with code length. **Includes 9-Volt Battery

Remarks/Options/Accessories: The IR-15V, T-1605/U, NSN 6025-01-396-8732 Visible Trainer is available as a classroom training aid or for unaided night operations. The visible IR-15V has much shorter NVS acquisition range than the IR-15.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: Connect a 9-Volt (BA-3090) battery. With a coin, make connection across the two pins on top of the Phoenix. Enter any series of dots and dashes into the four-second memory. A built-in microminiature red lamp flashes the sequence as you enter it. At the end of four seconds, a built-in microminiature green lamp will flash - signalling the memory is full. Phoenix is now emitting your code. to eyeball-test, short the pins. The built-in microminiature green lamp will flash your code, verifying operation. To turn OFF and delete the code, disconnect the battery.

Export regulated by State Department, ITARM, Title 22, CFR 120-130

Chapter 3, Appendix A:  Ground Commander's Pointer - Infrared
Table of Contents
Chapter 3, Appendix C:  Squad and Platoon Night Vision Task Org

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