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This section provides you a means to assess the effectiveness of your TOC. Most S3s admit that their TOC is not as effective as they would like. When asked why and what they are doing to fix it, the responses are mixed. Before you can fix something, you must first know what is broken. This self-assessment will assist you in identifying your problems, and where to focus your time and effort as you attempt to improve your TOC s effectiveness.

Answer the following questions as objectively as you can. Discuss these questions with all personnel who work in the TOC, including support units.

1. Do you have a current TOC Standing Operating Procedure (SOP)?

2. Do your Radio Telephone Operators (RTOs) know what the mission of the TOC is? Does your TOC SOP address and explain this mission?

3. Can a newly assigned 2LT, SSG, or SPC read your TOC SOP and determine what their duties and responsibilities are in the TOC?

4. How often does your TOC deploy to the field? Do these deployments include slice elements?

5. How often do your RTOs get the hand mike pulled away from them by an officer?

6. Who posts and updates your operations map? Officers, NCOs, or soldiers?

7. During the peak of the battle, are incoming messages occasionally lost or misplaced?

8. Do your RTOs know the meaning of the acronym CCIR?

9. Do your NCOs have a detailed understanding of the tactical decisionmaking process (TDMP)? Do they contribute to the TDMP?

10. Who serves as recorders while your staff conducts the wargame process? Officers, NCOs, or soldiers?

11. When responding to requests for information (such as unit locations or activities), does your TOC have to make numerous calls on the radio to get the information before providing an answer?

Answers to these questions can be indicators of how effectively your TOC functions. These questions represent areas where the vast majority of units training at the CTCs experience problems. Do not feel intimidated or combat-ineffective if you have problems in some or all these areas. Many of these areas can be significantly improved in a short amount of time by implementing some very simple TTPs.

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