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This appendix provides you a simple scenario you can use to conduct an exercise within your unit. This exercise is designed to develop the skills of battle captains, and improve the ability of your TOC to process different types of information. This exercise can be conducted relatively easily with limited resources. Subordinate units can use this exercise as an opportunity to train their RTOs on radio procedures and in submitting reports. Provided is a tactical scenario and master events list. The master events list generates numerous SPOTREPs, call-for-fire missions, and BDA reports. These reports provide your TOC the opportunity to conduct the following: track unit locations, update friendly combat power, friendly unit locations, enemy SPOTREPs, and clear fires. It also provides your battle captains with simple scenarios where basic actions and decisions must be made. Also included is a list of recommended actions. This list provides you the problems that should have been identified during the exercise, and recommended actions your battle captain may have taken. It provides you the ability to assess the effectiveness of how well your TOC did. If this exercise does not meet your unit needs, use this as an example and develop your own. The scenario is generic in nature and can be used by most armor, mechanized infantry, and light infantry units. This scenario portrays a unit conducting a tactical road march at the NTC and facilitates exercising your jump TOC. If you are not ready to conduct split TOC operations, set up your main CP and conduct this exercise from a static location. As you conduct this exercise, ensure you have someone designated as an O/C. This O/C should not only observe the exercise to provide feedback, but also control and synchronize the exercise to ensure the training objectives are met. The O/C may want to review the script and answer key with all RTOs to ensure they understand the events.

NOTE: Realistically these events may occur over a five-hour timeframe. However, you may not have this much time to commit to the exercise. The exercise can be easily compressed and conducted in much less time. The intent is to provide you with a ready to use tool that will assist in increasing the effectiveness of your TOC.

Background Information:

Your Battalion TF completed a deliberate attack earlier this morning. Subordinate units have spent the last few hours consolidating, reorganizing, and preparing for future operations. From the previous Brigade order, you know that you are to conduct a tactical road march beginning at 1830 and immediately begin preparations for defensive operations. Your scout platoon and quartering party are to SP at 1500 and 1700 respectively. You are the S3 for TF 1-23.

Task Force 1-23 Task Organization:

TM C Armor

1st plt tank
2d plt tank
3d plt mech

TM D Armor

1st plt tank
2d plt tank
3d plt mech



Task Force Control

Mortar Plt
Scout Plt (HMMWV)
Field Trains
Combat Trains
Engineer Plt
Truck Co(-)

Enemy Situation:

The enemy Motorized Rifle Regiment (MRR) is expected to attack in the next 36-48 hours. Contact with the enemy during the tactical road march is possible, but not expected. The S2 expects elements of the enemy Division Reconnaissance Battalion to enter into the brigade sector sometime in the next 12 hours.

Friendly Situation:

1st Brigade is conducting a tactical road march along route red and blue. Upon closure into the brigade TAA, the brigade is to begin defensive preparations. The brigade is to be prepared to defend in 36 hours. TF 2-34 is first in the brigade order of march and will move along route red to its TAA. TF 1-23 is second in the order of march and will move along route red, to route blue, to the TAA. TF 2-34 currently has two company teams forward in the brigade sector conducting counter-reconnaissance operations.

Mission Statement:

TF 1-23 conducts a tactical road march along route red and route blue beginning 151830 Mar 95 to occupy TAA Bulldog (NK433105) and immediately begin defensive preparations.

Concept of Operation:

The task force scout platoon will SP at 1500. It will follow TF 2-34 along route red, and then move along route blue. The scouts are responsible for reconnoitering the TAA. The task force quartering party will be led by the TF CSM and will SP at 1700. The quartering party consists of representatives from each of the subordinate units. See movement table below for other march times. Convoy speed is 20 MPH. Separation times between units is provided. EENT is 1915, and the illumination is extremely poor.

APPBF1.GIF 11.77 K

Starting Combat Power is as identified below:


Master Events List:

11700 Scout platoon leader reports RP and says he is beginning the reconnaissance of the TF AA.
2 1700TF CSM reports quartering party SP.
3 1725TF CSM reports quartering party CP 1.
4 1730The scout platoon leader reports that he completed his reconnaissance of the TF TAA, and it appears clear of enemy activity.
51735The TF CSM reports CP 2. He also reports that there is no brigade traffic control point (TCP) located at the intersection of Route red and blue as briefed in the movement order. He also states he is concerned this may create problems once it gets dark and that follow-on elements may miss the turn.
61745Scout platoon leader reports that his platoon occupied the following OPs and has established his screen line along PL Hammer; OP1 NK367080, OP2 NK387093, and OP3 NK939121. (Note: The grid of OP3 has been intentionally transposed. The correct grid of the OP3 is NK399121. The battle captain should identify this problem because the incorrect grid does not make tactical sense.)
71753 TF CSM reports passing CP 3.
8 1810 TF CSM reports reaching the RP. Quartering party will immediately begin to establish the TF AA.
9 1830The mortar platoon leader reports that he received a call from one of his vehicles that was enroute to the combat trains to get fuel. He states the vehicle ran out of gas and is located at vicinity NJ 405995. The crew attempted to contact the S4 on the A/L net, but is getting no response.
10 1830TM C reports SP.
111850 TF CSM report that the TF AA is established. Quartering party representatives are all located at the RP and are prepared to guide respective units to the AA.
12 1855TM D reports that he is scheduled to SP in 10 min. and he has not linked up with his attached mech plt.
131855 TM C reports CP1.
14 1900TM D reports SP.
151910TM C reports CP2 and that his lead platoon has become intermixed in a column of vehicles from another convoy. He is not sure where the platoon is located. He thinks he has a break in contact, but is not sure.
16 1915Engineer platoon reports SP.
171920TM C reports CP3 and that he has re-established contact with his lead platoon and is continuing to move.
181925TM D reports CP1.
191930Mortar platoon reports SP.
201935TM D reports CP2.
211940TM C reports RP and linkup with quartering party.
221940Engineer platoon leader reports that with the heavy equipment in his convoy, he is moving slower than anticipated. He is enroute to CP1 and has lost one of his tractor trailers. He is not sure what happened. He also reports that he has lost visual contact with the trail elements of TM D.
231940TM C commander calls and states he has lost one of his tanks due to maintenance. His mechanics are looking at it now, but they are unable to repair it and will need assistance. He has attempted to contact the BMO on the A/L net, but cannot reach them due to poor communications because of the terrain. Also reports CP 3.
241945Engineer platoon leader reports CP1. Is sending platoon sergeant to look for missing tractor trailer.
25 1945 TOW platoon reports SP.
261953TM D reports CP3.
271955Mortar platoon leader identifies an overturned tractor trailer on the west side of the road vicinity CP 1. The platoon leader's RTO states that the trailer had a dozer loaded on the back of it. He is not sure who the dozer belongs to. He will confirm who it belongs to and notify the TOC. The RTO also states that there were no injuries involved, and the unit has continued its movement.
28 2000Mortar platoon leader calls back and states the overturned dozer belongs to the engineer platoon attached to your TF.
292000TM A reports SP.
302005Mortar platoon leader reports CP2 and also observes the engineer platoon missing the turn at CP 2.
312010TM D reports RP and linkup with its quartering party.
322010Tow platoon reports CP1.
332015TM B reports SP.
342020Tow platoon reports CP2.
352025Mortar platoon reports CP3.
362028TM A reports CP 1.
372030Engineer platoon leader reports that his platoon sergeant has linked up with the overturned tractor trailer. He confirms no injuries, but states that both the truck, trailer, and dozer have sustained damages and are inoperable. He requests assistance. He also says that he missed the turn at CP2 and is behind a convoy from TF 2-34. He states he knows where he is and will continue to follow TF2-34 and will link up at the RP.
382030ADA platoon leader reports SP.
392030TM C observes an enemy BTR vicinity NK400120. He requests indirect fires on this grid.
40 2037Mortar platoon reports RP and linkup with quartering party.
412038Tow platoon reports CP3.
422040TM A reports that one of his 5-ton trucks loaded with infantrymen overheated and is unable to complete the tactical road march. He requests an additional truck. The vehicle is located between CP 1 and CP 2. Lead element just reached CP2.
432040TM B reports CP1.
442045S4 reports SP for combat trains.
452050TM B reports CP2.
462055ADA platoon leader reports CP1.
472055Tow platoon leader reports RP and linkup with quartering party.
482055TM A reports CP3.
492105ADA platoon leader reports CP2.
502108TM B reports CP3.
512110TM A reports RP and linkup with quartering party. He requests a status on his downed truck.
522110S4 reports CP1.
532115Field trains report SP.
542120S4 reports CP2.
552125The scout platoon leader reports that OP1 observes two unidentifiable vehicles moving west to east at vicinity NK345080.
562130The ADA platoon leader reports that one of his TCs is injured and needs an air MEDEVAC. The soldier was struck in the head and neck by the TC hatch. The hatch did not have a safety pin. The soldier is complaining of numbness in his lower extremities. He currently has his platoon sergeant and a combat life saver at the scene, but needs a medic. The soldier is located vicinity NK525115.
572145Scout platoon leader reports his OP1 has lost visual contact with two unidentifiable vehicles previously reported.
582155ADA platoon leader reports RP and linkup with quartering party. He also states his platoon sergeant is still at the accident site assisting in the MEDEVAC.
592155Combat trains report RP and linkup with quartering party.
602200 Engineer platoon leader report RP and linkup with quartering party.


Provided is a list of recommended action that should have been taken by the battle captain/TOC. It will also provide you with an update combat power report upon completion of the tactical roadmarch.

51735TF CSM reported no TCP at CP2.
Recommended action:
  • Tell the CSM to mark the intersection.
  • Notify Bde of the problem.
  • Give warning order to TM C to be prepared to man TCP as it passes CP2.
61745Plotting of Scout OP3. TOC should have realized the grid was inaccurate as the TOC attempted to plot it. The grid sent by the scout platoon leader is not on the NTC map sheet.
Recommended action: Clarify location and disseminate correct grid to subordinate units.
91830Mortar vehicle out of fuel.
Recommended action:
  • Contact the S4, and tell them to stay on the radio. Notify combat trains of vehicle location and situation.
  • Conduct radio check with combat trains on A/L net.
  • Update combat power chart.
  • Notify mortar platoon leader that message was sent, and that should attempt to contact them on the A/L net.
121855TM D task organization not complete.
Recommended action:
  • Contact the parent organization of the platoon and get a SITREP.
  • Attempt to contact the platoon.
151910Other convoy along same route.
Recommended action: Notify brigade and TF 2-34.
231940TM C tank with maintenance problems.
Recommended action:
  • Find out from TM C what the maintenance problem is, what is required to fix it, and vehicle location.
  • Pass this information to the combat trains.
271955Overturned dozer.
Recommended action:
  • Get exact location of accident.
  • Instruct vehicle crew to mark the accident site and to guide passing traffic around the site.
  • Notify BMO of problem and need for recovery assets.
  • Net call to all units alerting them of accident and dangerous terrain.
  • Contact engineer platoon leader, and confirm the vehicle belongs to TF 1-23.
  • Notify brigade.
282000Overturned dozer update.
Recommended action:
  • Update combat power chart.
  • Notify brigade and request additional dozer support.
302005Engineer unit misses turn at CP2.
Recommended action: Contact engineer platoon, and verify route/location.
372030Engineer platoon confirms missing turn at CP2.
Recommended action: Contact TF 2-34 of engineer convoy and intent of platoon leader.
39 2030Report of enemy BTR and request for fire mission.
Recommended action:
  • If scout OP location was clarified, do not clear grid, and notify TM C of OP location.
  • If scout OP location was not clarified and you approve the mission, a fratricide incident just occurred.
422040 Truck overheated.
Recommended action:
  • Get location of vehicle.
  • Ask the commander if he can safely cross-load soldiers onto other trucks.
  • Contact BMO, and notify him of truck.
  • Contact support platoon leader if another truck is necessary.
552125Scout enemy spot report.
Recommended action:
  • Contact TF 2-34 and determine if this is a friendly vehicle belonging to them.
  • Pass report to brigade.
  • Put report out on net call.
562130ADA platoon MEDEVAC.
Recommended action:
  • Contact units already in TAA and coordinate to get medic on site ASAP.
  • Initiate request for air MEDEVAC.
  • Find out how the MEDEVAC PZ will be marked, and pass this info to the MEDEVAC aircraft.
  • Tell the ADA platoon leader to mark the site, and provide guides to mark detour around accident site.
572145Scout spot report/lost visual on two vehicles.
Recommended action: Pass information to brigade and subordinate units.

Additional issues that should have been identified:

  • Field trains only called in their SP, failing to call in any other CPs.
  • TM B did not report RP and linkup with quartering party.
  • Net call to all units.


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