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TOPIC: Convoy Debrief Checklist.

DISCUSSION: The use of a standardized checklist can greatly enhance the intelligence collection effort and minimize trainup time. Units presented with nontraditional intelligence requirements should develop a detailed checklist to ensure the completeness and standardization of the collection effort.

LESSON(s): Use a convoy checklist to debrief convoy personnel to ensure the standardization of the intelligence collection effort. Use the following checklist as an example.

  • Use a SALUTE report when reporting the size, activity, location, unit, time, and equipment of belligerents seen during a convoy.

  • Report any changes in road conditions (pot holes, collapsed culverts, damaged bridges).

  • Report acts of violence directed toward the convoy (aiming of weapons, rock throwing, location and number of personnel).

  • Report incidents of hostile intent by civilians directed toward the convoy (shouting, jeering, impeding operations, number of personnel, nature of incident, location).

  • Report incidents of shots fired at or around a convoy (location, number of personnel, type weapons, action taken, casualties).

  • Report incidents of convoys being stopped by or harassed by roadblocks (location, number of personnel, nature of incident, action taken).

  • Report thefts from convoys (items taken, description of thief, location, action taken).

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